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Teacher: Mrs L Hull Biology

Biology is taught as part of the Science course in S1 and S2. Thereafter, pupils have the opportunity to continue with Biology at National 3, 4 or 5 in S3 and S4 if they wish.


S3 and S4 Biology

Learning Experiences:

By the end of S4, learners will develop knowledge and skills, and carry out practical and other learning activities related to the following broad areas:-

Cell Biology

Learners will explore the wonderful world of cells.

Content includes: - cell structure, cell transport, chemical energy in cells, producing new cells, DNA and genetic engineering.

Multicellular Organisms

Learners will explore the workings of whole organisms, including humans.

Content includes: - cells, tissues and organs, control of biological processes, reproduction and inheritance, health and disease.

Life on Earth

Learners will explore many aspects of life on earth.

Content includes: - biodiversity and distribution of organisms, techniques used to study organisms and the environment, adaptation, natural selection, evolution, behaviour, food security and ethical issues.

Learning and teaching experiences will include:  biological Investigations, individual work, group work, whole class discussion and debates, written tasks, reading tasks, practical techniques, model making, individual and group presentations.


Previous Work Done by Pupils

Click here to find out about our recent trip to Voxter.

- The environment and the organisms within it - Blaine's Powerpoint Zoe's Powerpoint Lizzie's Powerpoint
Animal Survival
Investigating Cells
World of Plants

Body in Action
- Examples of agar plates, with Escherichia coli and Micrococcus luteus

S3 are doing Animal Survival, so they have covered Digestion, working through Reproduction and then going to do the Urinary System and then how Animals respond to the environment.

S4 are on biotechnology, so they have designed an experiment to test what affect yeast has on dough, results coming soon, they have also been working with bacteria (safely) in particular Escherichia coli and Micrococcus luteus.  See picture of their agar plates below.  They also looked at the effect of antibiotics on the growth of bacteria.  They have been looking at how the brewing and cheese making industries rely on micro-organisms.  They are going to finish off by doing some work on how genetic modification (GM) happens.

E-coli E-coli E-coli










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