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Mr Garry Spence

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Miss Pauline Irvine

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Whalsay School
United Kingdom

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(01595) 743800



Whole school outside Symbister House

Nursery, Primary and Secondary pupils, in front of Symbister House.
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Please explore our website to find out about us and what we do. Below are links to recent updates and other places within our website that we hope you will find of interest. There are also separate online areas for the Nursery, Primary and Secondary departments; please take a look around. We are situated on the Island of Whalsay in Shetland; to find out about the Isle, click here.

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Shetland Foodbank offers a helping hand in the holidays.

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Quality Improvement Framework (formerly the School Comparison Project) – March 2016 Update

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Internet Safety - CEOP button - Advice for Pupils and Parents
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Primary, Nursery and Secondary Homepage.
Parent Council - The Parent Council has an area on the website with information about representatives, minutes of meetings and much more.
Photo Gallery - A blast from the past... compare fashions and trends in this glimpse back to the 20th century.
Lunch Menu - Plan ahead by checking what's on the menu.
News - Updated regularly with news from the whole school. Archive news items can also be found here for the last few years.
Sports News and Achievements - Find out about the House competition results and which team is in the lead!

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